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Ntropika Labs is a Research and Development team specializing in Web3. We research cutting edge technologies, develop innovative products and ship code

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We develop web3 native dApps

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We build Solidity Smart contracts and protocols, fully audited and deployable


We apply academic levels of research to produce the most cutting edge technologies

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The Potion Protocol

Ntropika Labs has built the award-winning Potion Protocol, a robust and scalable price insurance AMM providing automated risk management on chain. Potion Protocol is built to run on Ethereum, and its users can permissionlessly insure crypto assets, with flexible strike and expiry.

Potion Protocol creates an automated market for risk trading. Pricing is dynamically responsive to risk, using Kelly optimal bonding curves, for the safety of all its participants. All of the protocol's IP was recently transferred into the public domain through a limited series of NFTs.

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