About Us

Ntropika Labs is a Research and Development team specializing in Web3.

We are a cutting edge web3 development lab backed by world-class investors. Our mission: to build the next generation of decentralized public services for the world.

We’re contributing to the innovations in blockchain technology that are propelling us towards new standards for financial and business systems worldwide. Our team of developers, product experts, and industry specialists are forging a path into this new standard by Researching, Developing and Shipping code that meaningfully contributes to the Web3 space and its wider adoption.

Our Story

The Potion Protocol

Ntropika Labs has built the award-winning Potion Protocol, a robust and scalable price insurance AMM providing automated risk management on chain. Potion Protocol is built to run on Ethereum, and its users can permissionlessly insure crypto assets, with flexible strike and expiry.

Potion Protocol creates an automated market for risk trading. Pricing is dynamically responsive to risk, using Kelly optimal bonding curves, for the safety of all its participants. All of the protocol's IP was recently transferred into the public domain through a limited series of NFTs.

Meet out team

Jordi Muñoz

Co-founder & CEO

Guillem Mosquera

Co-founder & CTO

Team members
Roberto Cano

Engineer Lead & Smart Contracts Developer

Andreu Honzawa

Chief House & Compliance Officer

Mike Johnson

Senior Financial Analytics Developer

Igor Grigorev

Senior Software Engineer

Simone Colabufalo

Lead Software Developer

Tom Yoritaka

Investor Relations Director

Raúl Calvo

Legal Counsel